Friday, June 8, 2012

There Are Gonna Be Some Clean Kids!!

Today, I set out to collect 100 empty shoeboxes and a few bars of soap. Within the first hour, I had 103 empty shoeboxes thanks to the guys at Tradehome on the Bloomington mall who have been saving them!
I also figured since I was headed to town, I would stop at a few hotels to see about getting some bars of soap for our boxes. So, with six letters in hand explaining who we are and what we are doing, I began my journey. First two stops, no manager available. Third stop, 80 bars of soap!! Yay! Fourth stop, no manager. Fifth stop, JACKPOT! The Marriott in Bloomington just switched brands of soap and had several cases of soap that they can no longer use. Over 700 bars of soap!! You read that right, 700!!!! They were so excited to give them to me because they were going to have to get rid of them. They are the small hotel bars, so we can put several in each box! I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed! There is more than enough soap for 200 boxes ;) I am so excited!
Thank you Tradehome Shoestore and Marriott Hotel for your generous donations!!


  1. Rejoicing with you!! How exciting!! God is good. God's timing is perfect:)

  2. Oh I LOVE those types of blessings!!!

  3. Congratulations! How amazing His timing is that you wanted some soap and they wanted to get rid of it!