Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blessings Overflowing!

God has been GOOD!!!! I can not tell you just how overwhelmed I have been by the blessings God has provided for us this week!
First, we still needed about 75 tubes of toothpaste and 90 bars of soap, but some local hotels and dentist offices have gratiously provided the rest of the soap and toothpaste we needed to fill 150 boxes and then some!
Second, We started the week still needing over $600 to reach our goal. Now, thanks to some very generous people, we are only about $100 away from the amount we need to ship 150 boxes! I am so excited because reaching our goal seemed so far away and now, it's within reach! We are going to have so much fun on Sunday packing our boxes!
I have also begun going through all of our items and organizing them for Sunday and I think we will be able to fill all of our boxes! It's so exciting to see all of the items laid out!!
If you are still planning to pick up a few things, we could still use some toys for the boys. Things like balls and cars are great for all ages of boys.

Don't Forget the Packing Party is after church Sunday! Lunch will be provided. Please join us!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shipping Cost: What We Have

I know everyone has been wondering just where exactly we stand money wise for shipping, so I wanted to give you all an update. Currently, we have raised $414. That's enough to ship 59 of our boxes. Our goal is 150 boxes this year. I have no doubts that we will have enough items to fill at least that many boxes, but we definitely need more money to ship them. Each box costs $7 to ship. Please be in prayer for what your family may be able to contribute to the shipping cost. Remember that this money pays for shipping the boxes, The Greatest Journey discipleship materials, and the training for the churches that will be passing out boxes and teaching The Greatest Journey. It also pays for the Bibles that the children receive when they complete The Greatest Journey.