Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alligator Sewing Kit: Perfect for 10-14 Girl Boxes

This is by far one of my favorite crafts to make for the shoeboxes. It is so easy and you can make a lot of them quickly and inexpensively! Last year, I made a bunch to go in the 10-14 girl boxes. I changed a few small details on mine. I didn't use the green puff balls for the eyes, I just glued the eyes straight onto the top of the felt, and instead of sequins for the nose, I just drew two dots with a black permanent marker. I also did not have zig-zag scissors, so I just cut zig-zag teeth with regular scissors. It still looked just like an alligator! And to fill them, I bought larger packages of needles, pins, and safety pins and split them amongst the alligators. I also included several of the small bobbins of thread. I found a 20 pack or so at Dollar General for just $1.00. It had about 20 different colors in it. I placed each alligator sewing kit with extra thread into a ziploc bag and labeled it "sewing kit". 

Here is the link with full instructions on how to make the sewing kit if you would like to give it a try: 

This one is so simple, it would even be a great craft for teen girls to make to put inside the shoeboxes. 

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