Monday, July 16, 2012


Yard Sale is over and I am beat!! The last few days have been very busy, but totally worth it! We had 17 tables full of stuff when the yard sale started and lots of stuff on the ground lined up along the sidewalk. The yard sale was huge AND it started off with a bang! We had lots of people stop by Thursday while we were still setting up and then Friday, we had people here all day long! This is a small town and I would never have guessed that we would have HUNDREDS of people come through our yard. It was AMAZING!!! 
And when all was said and done, this is all that was left on Saturday!! Enough to fill a few boxes. Thankfully, it didn't take very long to pack up because it started to rain!! Praise God for rain and for the rain waiting until the sale was over! 

We put up balloons during the sale and wore our Operation Christmas Child shirts and had a display set up with more information. It went really well and God blessed our sale in this tiny little town! We ended up making just over $900 for shipping Operation Christmas Child boxes!! ;) YAY!
And if anyone is wondering how my sweet little boy did at his lemonade stand, he did really well! He ended up making $91 towards buying a cow for a family in Pakistan. He is now brainstorming other ideas on how he can earn the rest of the money for his cow. A cow costs $450 total and my little guy is really looking forward to earning the rest of the money and buying a cow for a family in Pakistan to make a living and provide their own family with milk.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gearing Up For YARD SALE Day!

One week left until the Operation Christmas Child YARD SALE! I have been extremely busy preparing stuff for the sale. Collecting, pricing, and going through items, making signs and flyers, getting newspaper ads ready... The list goes on! We have a storage unit that had an enormous amount of stuff in it and I am going through the entire thing collecting items for the sale. We haven't touched most of the things in our storage in three years, so I am ready to get rid of it. I am finding LOTS of BRAND NEW stuff that we just don't need. I am going through every single box and getting rid of it all! Literally more than half of what is in our storage unit right now is going straight to the sale and I am not even finished! Not to mention, I have had at least ten others bring me all of their stuff so far and I fully expect a few more too. This sale is Gonna be HUGE!!!!! It is taking a lot of work, but I know that it will be well worth it! All of the money from the sale will go toward shipping Operation Christmas Child boxes and the more money we make, the more boxes we can send!

So far, there are lots of baby clothes, adult clothes, teaching supplies, furniture, a stove, a TV, LOTS of toys for babies and kids, a stroller, a couple of ride on toys, several baby bouncy seats, children's books, and TONS more! 

The sale is next Friday and Saturday, July 13th & 14th from 8am-4pm (or longer)! I know we need rain desperately, but please pray that it does not rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday because there is no way that everything at the sale would fit in my house if it started to rain!

Also, my son will have a lemonade stand set up at the sale. He has lemonade, bottles of water, cans of Pepsi, Coke, and Mountain Dew. All of his lemonade stand money will go toward buying a cow for a needy family in Pakistan through Pakistan Christian Ministries. This is something he has been saving up for, and he is earning all of the money to buy a cow by himself. A big venture for a five year old, but he is determined! I love that he has such a big heart!

Look forward to seeing everyone at the sale. Let me know if you want to help or if you have items for the sale. I will be starting to set up Thursday night. I am also in need of a clothing rack or two, a few tarps to cover things with over night and a canopy or two if anyone has any of these we can borrow!