Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Have Plenty of Toothbrushes!

We now have over 200 toothbrushes!!!!! YAY! We have enough to put in all of our boxes and some left over, so we can put multiples in some boxes for the kids to share with their friends or family members! Lets bring in some toothpaste to go with the toothbrushes! had 144 Medline brand individually wrapped toothbrushes for $9.99 with $1.00 shipping. It cost less than 8 cents per toothbrush! They are perfect for the boxes. they are white and shorter than a normal adult toothbrush. They will work great in the boxes for ALL ages! And they have a little heart engraved in the back ;)

They also have 5" combs in a pack of 144 for $4.69 today if anyone wants to pick some up! (normal shipping is $2.95)

And if we were doing a lot more boxes, I would pick up the case of 8,000 (yes you read that right!) small boxes of kleenex for only $59.99! If anyone did want to grab one, we would be set for kleenex in the boxes for years! It's a great buy!

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