Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please Bring Toothpaste, Soap, And TOYS!

I wanted to give everyone an update on what we have and need as well as some great items to look out for when you are shopping.

After church today, I counted up and it looks like we have around 50 tubes of toothpaste now! Yay! We still need at least 100 more tubes in order to put one in each of our boxes though, so grab a couple of tubes if you can as well as soap. We still need about 100 bars of soap too.

Also, we have lots of toys coming in which is awesome! It's gonna be so great to fill our boxes with lots of toys. It's gonna put huge smiles on those precious little faces. We can always use more though! Hot Wheels type cars, dolls, teddy bears, small playsets, balls, legos, yo-yos, coloring books, and playdough are just some of the things that the kids enjoy getting in their boxes.
If you are shopping at Walmart and are not sure what to get, look OUTSIDE of the toy section! One of my favorite section to look in is the party section. I like to pick up balloons and party favors to fill in the empty spaces in the boxes. It's also a great section for getting one package of items that can be split into several boxes. I was at Lincoln Walmart the other night and there was a huge section of party favors. A lot of them were 97 cents. There are packages of 10 tracing stencils for just 97 cents that we can split and put into ten boxes. There are lots of other goodies too. I like to get sunglasses and mini games in the party favor section.
Another spot to be on the look out for at Lincoln Walmart is an endcap near the party/school supplies sections that is a 97 cent endcap. There are lots of goodies in the bins like stationary sets, pencils, and rubber band balls.

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