Monday, July 16, 2012


Yard Sale is over and I am beat!! The last few days have been very busy, but totally worth it! We had 17 tables full of stuff when the yard sale started and lots of stuff on the ground lined up along the sidewalk. The yard sale was huge AND it started off with a bang! We had lots of people stop by Thursday while we were still setting up and then Friday, we had people here all day long! This is a small town and I would never have guessed that we would have HUNDREDS of people come through our yard. It was AMAZING!!! 
And when all was said and done, this is all that was left on Saturday!! Enough to fill a few boxes. Thankfully, it didn't take very long to pack up because it started to rain!! Praise God for rain and for the rain waiting until the sale was over! 

We put up balloons during the sale and wore our Operation Christmas Child shirts and had a display set up with more information. It went really well and God blessed our sale in this tiny little town! We ended up making just over $900 for shipping Operation Christmas Child boxes!! ;) YAY!
And if anyone is wondering how my sweet little boy did at his lemonade stand, he did really well! He ended up making $91 towards buying a cow for a family in Pakistan. He is now brainstorming other ideas on how he can earn the rest of the money for his cow. A cow costs $450 total and my little guy is really looking forward to earning the rest of the money and buying a cow for a family in Pakistan to make a living and provide their own family with milk.


  1. Praise God for the wonderful success of the garage sale and lemonade stand, for the dry weather that held during the sale, and for you, and your faithful service. YAY!!!!

  2. Wow! That's awesome! I love that your guy wants to buy a cow :) How old is he?

    1. My son is 5 years old! And he has such a big heart!

    2. My oldest is 5 too! :) Praying your guy gets to buy his cow soon!

      I just started following your facebook page :)