Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dollar General Easter Clearance!!!!

I found out today that Dollar General marked all of  their Easter clearance down to 90% off today, so I took the boys right over to check it out. For everything in the picture, I spent $9 only + tax! Here's what I was able to pick up for the Operation Christmas Child boxes...

13 Sticker books (.10 each)
1 Egg Full of Bunnies Game (.20)
11 Felt tote bags (.10 each)
7 Novelty Bunny Clips (.10 each)
3 Rubber Duckies (.10 each)
3 Spools of purple ribbon (.10 each)
5 (2pks) of Baby Chick Treat Containers (.10 each) (I will be putting sewing kits together to go in these for the 10-14 girl boxes)
1 PEZ (.15)
2 (20pks) Easter Suckers (.10 each)
1 (3pk) Popping candy with Lollipops (.10)
1 Foam Rocket (.10)
57 Twirl Pops (.05 each)
12 bags of Easter Eggs (.10 each) (Using these to make maracas and egg shakers to go in boxes)

Keep an eye out at other stores too, as many have marked down their Easter Clearance to 90% off as well. It really pays to watch clearance after the holidays! (All of the above would have been around $90 regular price!)

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