Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pencils! Pencils! Pencils!

Often times, we can take for granted something as simple as a pencil, but for some of the children who recieve Operation Christmas Child boxes, pencils are not so easy to come by. Some of these children are not even allowed to go to school unless they have a pencil!! That just blows my mind! I feel like it is something small we can add to the boxes that could be HUGE to the children that receive our boxes. It could mean the difference between getting an education or being refused an education because they don't have a writing utencil.

I urge you to consider picking up a package of pencils this week! We would love to have AT LEAST ONE pencil in every box, but it would be so awesome to put several in each box. That way they have plenty for themselves or to share with their friends or siblings. We have a few packages that have been put in the collection bin already, and I would love to see more! Dollar General has 10pks of pencils .50 this week, and Dollar Tree has 24pks for $1 all the time! I am sure lots of other places still have them really cheap right now too. Please consider picking up some pencils (or searching your house for some unused ones!)

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